Recognized as an institution in the Ghent section of Norfolk, Dog-n-Burger was opened in 1967 by a Navy submarine cook who was used to cooking in small quarters. Back then, the restaurant was small; less than 1/3 of the current size. They served just “dogs n burgers” to the local Norfolk crowd. And to give you a visual of how sketchy the area was back then, the restaurant was surrounded by a chain link fence with barbed wire on top.

The Ghent area has changed and so has Dog-n-Burger. Owner Jerry Meltsner purchased the restuarant/diner and did a complete renovation in the mid-90s. He expanded the menu to include pitas, steaks, wraps, ribs, and chicken.

Their crinkle cut fries are renowned by local patrons.

Dog-n-Burger is part of Tidewater history, and for five decades, locals have loved coming here as an alternative to fast food chains.

As one of the oldest continually running restaurants in Norfolk, this establishment proves that residents and visitors to Norfolk love the diner feel, small-town hospitality, and excellent food served up here.

As always, quality with a personality.

Below is a from a review by celebrated food critic Patrick Evans-Hylton on Dog-n-Burger’s Double Cheeseburger, but come in yourself and find out why people continue to love to eat here.

“A delish menu of hot dogs, hamburgers, other sandwiches and sides… The burgers are fresh and cooked just-right on a flat-top grill, giving them an authentic old-school flavor. Single burgers are sold too, but why not splurge?”

Patrick Evans-Hylton, “Burger Kings” Hampton Roads Magazine, now Coastal Virginia Magazine, December, 2011.

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